Minimalism is Not These 10 Things

1. Minimalism is not frugality. Sure, the two concepts overlap at some point but they aren’t equal. Buying 3 t-shirts for 100 pesos in Divisoria is frugal, but not necessarily minimal. On the other hand, investing in 1 pair of high-quality leather shoes for 4000 pesos is not frugal but minimal if you intend to use them for years.

2. Minimalism is not about counting things. It’s not a contest as to who owns the least. There’s no magic number of clothes, shoes, and furniture to aim for.

3. Minimalism is not all about decluttering. Downsizing is a good start and a useful habit, but there’s more to minimalism than decluttering.

4. Minimalism is not one-size-fits-all. What works for The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, or Leo Babauta will not necessarily work for you. The great thing about minimalism is you can create your own blend depending on your preference and lifestyle.

5. Minimalism is not all black, white, amd gray. It’s not an obsession for immaculate white space, although many minimalists find that appealing.

6. Minimalism is not hating on consumerism. It’s not about boycotting products and brands. Minimalists– just like everyone else– needs food, shelter, transportation, amd supplies.

7. Minimalism is not about being a hermit, a monk, or a social outcast. Minimalism doesn’t impose that you become a digital nomad and cut off all your social media accounts.

8. Minimalism is not reserved for certain demographic only. It’s not reserved for young, single people who can afford not to “own” things.

9. Minimalism is not abstinence from things you enjoy. Minimalism does not aim to make your life miserable.

10. Minimalism is not a dogma that needs to be imposed. Some people benefit from it. Some don’t, and it’s totally okay. It’s not something that you should use to measure up other people.

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